Xenology: An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence, and Civilization

First Edition

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Robert A. Freitas Jr., Xenology: An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence, and Civilization, First Edition, Xenology Research Institute, Sacramento, CA, 1979; http://www.xenology.info/Xeno.htm


12.3.1  Alien Orgasms

While a large fraction of male animals possess a penis or a penislike organ, the majority of birds do not. Female birds and reptiles also lack that all-important female organ of stimulation -- the clitoris. Only mammalian females appear to have this.1028

Nevertheless, research indicates that most mammals and many birds do experience a paroxysm of neuromuscular release, that is, an orgasm, during mating. This has been determined with some reliability by measuring pulse rates and blood pressure in these animals during copulation. Sexologist Alfred C. Kinsey once noted that "there is only one other phenomenon, namely sneezing, which is physiologically close in its summation and explosive discharge of tension. Sneezing is, however, a localized event, while sexual orgasm involves the whole of the reacting body."2486

A state of relaxed exhaustion and quiescence is observed in most mammals following coition:

The body can be so violently affected that some mammals subside into a state of exhaustion or total rigidity after mating. This is especially observable in mice and other small rodents, which lie curled up as if they were dead. Cattle stand apathetically in their pasture. Other animals, in a condition of unwonted quietude that is like a half sleep, exchange a variety of gentle caresses. Gazelles allow the bucks to rub them with their horns. Horses nibble one another with their teeth. Even cats, which exhibit such excitement in the immediate postlude of coition, end by licking their mates peacefully.1028

Will lickerous, lustful aliens necessarily follow suit?

The orgasm may be regarded as an evolutionary invention which drives animals to mate. The reward of pleasure is a most useful expedient to induce individuals voluntarily to engage in procreative behavior.2440 Since such an inducement to mate is necessary only for those species intelligent enough to be capable of choosing to do otherwise, we might reasonably expect the following to hold true: The smarter the lifeform, the more intense the orgasm.

Still, it is not a universal feature of animal lifeforms on this planet, even among mammals. For this reason, xenologists remain extremely cautious in extending this extraordinarily satisfying response to all bisexual aliens.*


* One unresolved question is whether technologically advanced ETs will have any need for sex at all on an individual basis.1622 In a perfectly stable environment, sex is not really necessary at all.1042 Artificial parthenogenesis (maternal clones) or androgenesis (paternal clones) are possible using a genetic-surgical technology that will surely be available to extraterrestrial bioneers. Since natural childbirth is a rather messy affair, advanced aliens may dispense with normal reproduction altogether, preferring instead to clone their children and mate only for recreation, pleasure, or competitive sports.


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